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Watch Our First TV Ad: “Mark & Tucker”

09/19/2013 | News |

I wanted to share with you our first ad of the campaign.

Mark and his daughter and driver Tucker have put tens of thousands of miles on the car traveling all over Virginia this year to talk about his detailed plans to keep Virginia communities safe and to make sure Virginia is a beacon for jobs and opportunity. 

Mark has the record to back it up. He sponsored and passed multiple bills to protect families from abusive spouses. He successfully sponsored legislation that gives a mandatory life sentence to those who rape young children. 

He believes that the key to making Virginia the top state in which to do business is low taxes, a rational regulatory environment, and a level playing field -- and that's what he has fought for his whole career. He sponsored legislation to require an economic impact analysis on new regulations affecting small businesses. He has supported making Virginia's tax code more competitive for small business and major job creation efforts. He sponsored legislation, opposed by his opponent in this race, to remove the union preference from major public works projects, leveling the playing field for our companies in Right to Work Virginia. 

We hope you like the ad. Please let us know what you think and share it ad with your friends and family. 

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