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What Do These Oysters Have To Do With Your Rights?

10/31/2012 | News |

Oysters have been harvested in the Chesapeake Bay from time immemorial. In fact, the Bay’s very name is an Algonquian phrase that can be translated “great shellfish bay,” and as early as 1612, English settlers were praising the Chesapeake’s oyster beds.

In time, oyster reefs would be discovered and large-scale operations would arise, capable of harvesting in deep water. But the individual oyster farmer didn’t disappear. Even today, you can still find oyster...

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The Obama Administration vs. Coal Country in Grundy, Virginia

10/20/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

“Almost unbelievable.”

That’s how Southwest Virginia Democrats are characterizing the Obama administration’s assault on Grundy, Virginia. Even taking into consideration the Administration’s aggressive War on Coal, this story is truly incredible — you have to read it.

A few years ago, the town of Grundy decided to lengthen runways at its municipal airport, a move that local officials deemed critical to the isolated town’s economic development prospects....

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Virginia Democrats: “Who Needs Property Rights?”

09/28/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

First the national Democratic Party leadership abandoned any pretext of standing for mainstream values when it dropped references to God from the party platform. Now the Virginia Democratic establishment is doing the same by opposing the protection of our private property rights. The Democratic Party walked back excluding God from the platform; don’t be surprised if they try to back away from this crazy position, too.

Of course, I don’t think the national...

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Request an Absentee Ballot

09/21/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

Four years ago, we learned the hard way that in elections, you can’t take anything for granted. This time around, it’s clear that Virginia is one of the most important battleground states and that the margin could be razor-thin. 
There’s a lot riding on your vote. So if you’re not going to be able to vote in person on Election Day, it’s crucial that you vote absentee.
Virginia law provides for absentee balloting for a wide variety of reasons, including...

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Reflections on Constitution Day

09/17/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

Over two centuries removed from the event, constitutional government seems inevitable. How could we have anything else? Yet Hamilton was right when he observed in the Federalist Papers, prior to ratification, that “the establishment of a Constitution, in time of profound peace, by the voluntary consent of a whole people, is a prodigy, to the completion of which I look forward with trembling anxiety.”

At a distance, history can seem tidy—as if the events of...

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In Memoriam September 11th

09/11/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

Some days forever echo in our memory; some days come to define entire generations. There are some days for which time stands still, for which the past is never dead, and not even past.

September 11th is such a day.

The passage of time separates us from the raw emotion of the event; the elapsing years bind up the wounds. But history is a pattern of timeless moments, so still we remember. We must remember. We will always remember.

Eleven years ago today,...

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Federal Court Rebukes Obama and the EPA

08/22/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

President Obama's EPA has struck out -- again.

A few weeks ago, I wrote to you about President Obama's aggressive opposition to the coal industry, opposition that has routinely gone beyond what the law allows. It's happened again-but this time he was challenged in court by fifteen states, including Virginia, and the court told Obama "no."

Last year, President Obama's EPA quietly adopted a rule requiring states to take preventative action (up to and...

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The End of Welfare Reform As We Know It?

07/24/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

It was one of the most successful government reform measures in recent memory-so, perhaps unsurprisingly, President Obama is out to gut it.

I'm speaking of the welfare reform measures passed in 1996 which put countless Americans back to work, making welfare about seeing people through a rough patch and getting them back on track, not providing them with a free ticket for life. But now, the cornerstone of reform is under attack.

I know something about...

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