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A Glimpse at the 1978 Convention

11/16/2012 | News |

Enjoy this glimpse of the 1978 Convention and my father's U.S. Senate nomination. This brings back memories for me, and I know that it will for many others as well, but whether you remember that convention or not, it's fun to watch a few minutes of video from "The Great Indoor Primary" of 1978.

Do I Have Your Endorsement?

11/15/2012 | News |

It would mean a great deal to me to have you join my team for Attorney General.

These next few weeks are crucial as conservatives and Republicans begin focusing on the 2013 nomination battle, so I'm asking for your support now at the very beginning of this campaign.

Suzanne and I are fully committed to winning for our conservative principles. Folks across the Commonwealth are responding to our message and my proven record of leadership. But I need your...

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A Veterans Day Message from Mark Obenshian

11/12/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

In the stillness of the morning, in a private railcar in the forest of Compiègne ninety-four years ago today, peace came to war-torn Europe. A ravaged continent breathed a collective sigh of relief as the guns of August fell silent at the conclusion of the “war to end all wars.”

It was not to be. Two decades later, Europe was again engulfed in war, and for the second time, America was drawn into a major international conflict. The “Greatest Generation” would...

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What the Property Rights Amendment Means For You

11/09/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

Now that the dust has settled from Election Day, I wanted to call your attention to one particular outcome from Tuesday that merits a little celebration.

Tuesday yielded a victory for property rights – a big win. In fact, the Amendment won sizable majorities in every city and county, and topped 70% in all but eleven (out of 134, though six localities have not yet reported complete election results). Statewide, 74.6% of voters voted to ratify the Amendment,...

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We Fight On

11/07/2012 | News |

I will leave analysis of yesterday’s disappointing results for a later day. For now, I want to share a number of observations and to issue a challenge to you.

As disappointing as yesterday’s defeat is, we can’t view it as the end of the road. Yesterday’s elections constituted but one battle in a contest of ideas that will endure for the life of this great nation. We will be back, because we’ll never give up on our principles, and we’ll never stop fighting to...

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Go Vote!

11/06/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

We've heard it before: "This is the most important election of our lifetime." But this time, I'm convinced it's true.

Polls open across Virginia at 6 AM, closing thirteen hours later at 7 PM. This election could be down to the wire, and the vote here in Virginia is absolutely critical, so please, go vote. And get your friends, neighbors, relatives, and coworkers to vote. You can't sit this one out.

If you don't know where your polling place is, click here...

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What Are You Doing for Romney and Allen Tomorrow?

11/05/2012 | News | Campaign News/Obenshain Reports

We’re down to the wire, and Mitt Romney and George Allen need your help. So let me ask you: who is turning out to vote because of you?

Whether you know it or not, there are people that each of us know or meet who are not planning to vote on Tuesday – they may be friends, neighbors, coworkers, children, or even strangers you meet in line at McDonalds. And you and I know that this election is far too important for that, so here’s my challenge: find at least one...

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On Your Ballot: Passover and Property Rights

11/02/2012 | News | Obenshain Reports

What do Passover and property rights have in common? They’re both issues appearing on your ballot on Tuesday.

When you walk into your polling place on November 6th, you will be handed a ballot, or perhaps you’ll be ushered to an electronic voting booth. You will make your selections for President, Senate, and the House of Representatives. You choose who you want to elect you locally. And when you’re just about to cast your ballot, you will see two more...

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