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Independent Hispanic Activists Endorse Obenshain for Attorney General

10/11/2013 | Press |

From Daniel Cortez:

With less than 30 days till election two well know Vietnam veteran Hispanic activists Luis R. Quinonez and Daniel P. Cortez have endorsed Mark Obenshain for Attorney General.

Quinonez who served both in the Marines and the Navy in the 70s is a noted businessman, former advisor to President George H.W. Bush on Hispanic issues and special envoy to the peace negotiations in El Salvador.  He also founded the Hispanic College fund.  Quinonez stated, “After examining who best can serve and maintain the high standard of legal adjudication and fairness for all Virginia residents, I am convinced that Mark Obenshain is deserving of our votes.”

Cortez was wounded in Vietnam in 1970 serving with the Marine Corps in Vietnam and decorated for extraordinary heroism.   A long time media and political operative promoting legal immigration reform, his family were pioneers in Hispanic media and started the first full time Hispanic radio and television stations in America which evolved into UNIVISION.   He stated, “In my 40 plus years of activism dedicated to supporting legislators on both sides of the aisle with the compassion to support comprehensive immigration reform, Mark Obenshain has the sensitivity to insure a sense of fairness for all immigrants and citizens in Virginia as Attorney General.”

Cortez and Quinonez both independents like the majority of Virginia Hispanic voters, agree the ongoing negative attacks of the gubernatorial election have alienated many veterans and immigrants who otherwise might be engaged.  With voter turnout for the Nov. 5th election projected to be at less than 40 percent, independent voters many who remain undecided will be critical if republican and democratic voter bases fail to mobilize.

“While all campaigns are spirited and much has been written about the governor’s race, citizens must not overlook the importance of the Office of Attorney General and Mark Obenshain is his own man and would legislate and serve Virginia fairly, “added Quinonez.

Cortez stated it is important for Virginia to elect a candidate who can put partisanship aside and reach across the aisle to insure state mandates and future laws remain fair and just for all citizens.  “Obenshain has the discipline and the compassion to serve Virginia honorably and has the record to prove it.  I strongly endorse him”
Mark Obenshain is the Republican nominee for Attorney General of Virginia. He currently represents the 26th District in the Senate of Virginia.

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